Summer assignments

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7th Grade summer assignment

Prep Academy Book Notes 2017 to 2018

Summer Read Prep 7th 2017

8th Grade summer assignment

8th Summer Read 2017

8th Summer read data sheet 2017


9th Grade summer assignment

9th Summer Read 2017

9th Summer Read Data Sheet 2017


10th Grade summer assignment

10th Summer Read 2017


11th Grade summer assignment

11th AP Language and Composition Summer Read 2017


11th Grade IB English summer assignment

IB summer reading juniors 2017


12th Grade summer assignment

AP Lit Summer Read 2017


12th Grade IB English summer assignment

IB summer reading into senior year 2017

Summer assignment incoming IB Seniors 2017


AP US History Summer Assignment

APUSH 2017

World History: People and Places Summer Assignment

Nacirema Article-Questions

The First Civilisations Article-Notes


World Map Regions-Countries-Cities

AP World History

A People’s History of the World – Introduction-Part 1

AP World History Summer Assignment

The Heart of Social Science – APWH version

AP European History Summer Assignment

AP European History

AP Comparative Gevernment

AP Comparative Government and Politics Summer Assignment

Democratization Briefing Paper

Globalization Briefing Paper

The Heart of Social Science – Comp Gov version

IB History of the Americas


AP Art History

APAH description 2016 CA