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Academy to Offer AP Capstone Diploma


Central Academy and Roosevelt High School will join approximately 1,000 schools worldwide to implement AP Capstone, an innovative diploma program that allows students to develop the skills that matter most for college success: research, collaboration, and communication. Central Academy and Roosevelt will be the first two high schools in the metro area to offer this opportunity for students. Click the headline to learn more.

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November Parent Newsletter


Want the latest on happenings at Academy? The latest Parent Newsletter is available by clicking the headline and opening the link to the PDF. NOTE: No Academy After Hours on Tuesday, November 22.

Roosevelt Team A

Mathletes take Wisconsin by Storm!


Congratulations to all the students competing at the 42nd Annual High School Mathematics Contest held at the University of Wisconson-Platteville, on Wednesday, November 2!  Central Academy Mathletes won 23 All Academic Awards and had the 1st Place Division 1 team! (Pictured).  On a side note, this is not the only “win” we had yesterday.  Rita … Read more »


Guess the Theme


Students were challenged to Guess the Theme in the annual event. Click the headline to see pictures of the teacher’s clues!

8th Grade Debate

8th Graders Debate Important Election Issues!


8th Grade Gov’t students conducted a mock election with TV ads, flyers, political platforms, campaign managers and a full out debate of the issues modeled on the national presidential election. Students presented their arguments before a panel of 11th and 12th grade students who judged the debate and asked hard hitting questions. See pictures by clicking the headline.


Students work on Tombstone project for German!


Tombstone Project – On November 1 Germany remembers the lives of deceased relatives and visit their graves.  German students bring Tombstones of famous Germans to class.  Through this project, the students introduce us to many famous Germans who have had a positive influence on our society such as Einstein, Benz, Dassler (Adidas) and Beethoven.  Click … Read more »

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011 (2)Listen to Academy Alumnus, Apple Amos (East), talk about her experience at Central Academy when she addressed the Class of 2015 at the Senior Recognition Ceremony.  Success without struggle is not nearly so sweet!


The Central Academy Alumni Network

The Alumni Network was established to foster support for the continued excellence in education at the Academy. The Network will serve as a vehicle for fundraising activities, alumni networking, and volunteer efforts directed at enabling the continued success of the Academy.  Find them at

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Check out our page with the link above.  It is up-to-date with college visits, scholarship information and much, much more!  The Schedulers’ Guidebook to the Academy is also there.  Check it out!

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